Plan Your Paycheck!


Just got paid and you’re already broke? Looking for assistance to figure out the best place to allocate your hard-earned cash? Have no fear, your frugal friend is here!!!

My top priority is to get you headed in the right direction on the road to financial freedom. First things first is a call with your frugal friend. We will begin by discussing your money goals, life goals, and your current situation. From there, your frugal friend will need three simple things from you:

  • How often you get paid
  • Amount of paycheck(s)
  • List of bills (Bill tracker provided)

Your frugal friend will handle the rest.

I’ll be sure to send an overview of what we discussed along with a detailed breakdown of your paycheck(s). 

Your frugal friend is available via email, text, Skype, Whatsapp, social media, for any questions, comments, or compliments you have. Feel free to send over anything you’d like me to review (statements, documents, bills, etc).

Whether you’re looking for structure, an accountability partner, or someone to talk to, your frugal friend is here for you!

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What’s in it for you?

*One-on-One meetings with your frugal friend 🙂

*A personalized plan for your finances

*Bill Tracker

*Spending Tracker

*A $20 discount on your Currency Coaching package!

*A proven plan to financial freedom

Planning your paycheck is a CRUCIAL step on the road to debt freedom. Remember, a goal without a plan is just a wish.

Click here to schedule a meeting today 🙂



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