1 Month Currency Coaching


This month will serve as a catalyst for your financial future. We will assess where you are losing money and how to start saving money.



What’s in it for you…

Looking to get out and stay out of trouble with money, but don’t know where to start? Have no fear, your frugal friend is here! Through Currency Coaching, you will get yourself on a personalized plan that’s effective along with the tools to keep you going. As an added bonus, you’ll receive a free ebook and templates to keep you on track. 

Currency Coaching includes:

  • Copy of my ebook, Debt Free Fundamentals
  • Tracking Spender
  • Personalized Currency Canvas
  • Chats with your frugal friend

How is Currency Coaching conducted?

We will set daily, weekly, and monthly goals for you. Your frugal friend is available via email, text, Skype, Whatsapp, social media, for any questions, comments, or compliments you have. Feel free to send over anything you’d like me to review (photos, documents, bills, etc).

My Currency Canvas is about creating YOUR financial future. We will create a plan by you, for you. We will begin by discussing your money goals, life goals, and your current situation. From there, your frugal friend will design a plan to get you from mission to fruition. 

Our top priority is to get you headed in the right direction on the road to financial freedom. First things first is a call with your frugal friend. We will have weekly missions for you to complete throughout the month to set you up for success. I’ll be sure to send an overview of what we discussed along with your weekly mission. 

Your frugal friend operates on Eastern Standard Time (EST), so I’m available from 8 am to midnight via text, Skype, email, social media, whenever you need me. We will schedule our weekly chats, and you’re more than welcome to send me messages throughout the month. 

What happens if I need more time?

No prob, Bob! We can create a canvas that works for you. The beauty of personal finance is that it’s personal, meaning it’s all about your goals, your dreams, your ambitions, and your money. We will gauge where you’re at throughout the month and adjust accordingly. We will get from mission to fruition, together!


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