Q: Winter is coming and I hate my job…What can I do to escape?!

A: Book a trip to a place that you didn’t know existed until a killer flight deal appeared on airfarespot.com.

Bonjour Guadeloupe! A tropical island located in the French Caribbean famous for music, dance, and being a melting pot of cultures. Guadeloupe is a fusion of African, Indian, French, and Caribbean influences.

Fun Fact: “Butterfly Island” is Guadeloupe’s nickname, due to the shape of two sides of the island looking like butterfly wings.

Getting to Guadeloupe: We found flights for $218 round-trip from New York. Bryan and Ericka drove from Virginia Beach to Washington, D.C. Then we caught the bus from D.C. to NYC. The bus was an extra $70 round-trip, but still cheaper than paying $650 roundtrip from D.C. In hindsight, it was A LOT of traveling. We had to catch the bus, subway, and air-train to get to the airport. It took about 7 hours in total. It was fun and exciting on the way to Guadeloupe…not so much fun on the way back when you’re exhausted and cold. Nevertheless, we’re on vacay so let’s get it!!!

Day One: Beaches and Booze

Beach One, Day One!

There was a quaint beach about a five-minute walk from our Airbnb, where Ericka and I spent the morning drinking and Instagramming. My brother, Bryan joined us once he finished running.

Next up, beach #2: Sainte-Anne.

Sainte-Anne is the perfect beach for beginner swimmers. It felt serene, the calming waters, the vibrant sun, and the wavy drinks. We stumbled upon the cutest tents filled with local arts and crafts.

Locally-made arts & crafts

The rest of our afternoon was filled with good vibes, good drinks, sunshine, and selfies (lots of selfies).

Day Two: Beach Bummin’

My brother and I went out the night before, so we started our day a little later than usual. We hung out at our Airbnb and spent the rest of the day at the beach.

Day Three: Snorkeling in the Deep Blue Sea

I told my friend and coworker, Lisa, about the deal to Guadeloupe and it just so happened that her parents were on holiday as well. As an added bonus, they speak French so we also had translators 🙂 They were kind enough to invite us on their boat and we saw parts of Guadeloupe you only see on Google. It was BREATHTAKING (and a little bumpy on the boat haha).

I really wish there was a camera inside of my brain to capture the life we saw underwater. It was like Finding Nemo on steroids. We didn’t waste any time and dove straight into the deep blue sea.

Day Four: Black History & Black Sand Beaches

That’s not wet sand that’s BLACK SAND 🙂

Plage de Grande Anse is a MUST SEE! The minerals, ashes, and lava fragments from the volcanoes give a dark color to the sand. Hence, black sand. Spoiler alert: I’m not a scientist, so check out Google for an actual explanation 😛

We couldn’t take a bad picture if we tried. This was by far my favorite beach. The waves were pretty intense, so it’s not recommended for beginner swimmers, but it’s definitely a must-see!

On our way home, we spotted the dopest wall I’ve ever seen in my life. It was decorated with the brave souls that paved the way for us today.

Day Five: Beaches & Bonding

We ran into a local on our daily booze run. I asked him, “What’s one place we HAVE to visit while we’re in Guadeloupe?”.

His answer:

Port Louis is a chill beach town with shops and water sports all around it. It was definitely the liveliest beach we visited.

After an hour drive back to our place we met up with Lisa and her parents for one last dinner. I forgot the name of the place we went to, but the food was FIRE. (Fire means ‘fucking delicious’).

Our FIRE appetizer
My main dish. It was a blend of Caribbean and Asian cuisine. My tastebuds were satisfied 🙂

Overall rating: 8/10. Guadeloupe was a bit pricey, as most European countries are. Also, you need a car to get anywhere. Other than that, the country was AMAZING. The people were kind, the food was fresh, and the vibes were on a million. Merci Guadeloupe!

Have you ever visited Guadeloupe? What’s the next country on your bucket list? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading 🙂