“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”

A few months ago, I just happened to be doing my daily stalking…I mean scrolling through airfarespot.com. Ya girl saw some pretty good deals to some pretty cool places. Then, I came across a deal I couldn’t resist. A round-trip flight to Costa Rica for less than $300. Country Number 8, here I come!!!!

Round trip for $257! Yeahhh boyyyy 😛

My best friend, Ericka just happened to call as I was looking through all the details. Her birthday is in May, so she seized the opportunity as a birthday trip. We booked our tickets at the same time. Total count: 2.

Once I finished talking to Ericka, I told my boyfriend about the deal and he ended up buying his the same night. Total count: 3

I was so psyched about this deal that I had to reach out to my brother and few more friends. My brother was down, but by time he went to book his ticket, the prices had risen to $500.

We checked back every single day trying to snag the deal. About a week later, the prices were back at $260, hell yeahhh! From there, my brother booked his ticket, told his best friend Chris, who told two of his home-girls, who were down to ride.

Total count: 7

About a month later, one of my favorite people, Candace reconsidered treating herself. She needed a break from the 9-5, said ‘eff it , let’s go’, and booked her ticket too.

Total count: 8 (my favorite number, the 8th country I’m visiting, and the day I was born. Coincidence?…. I think not)

Not to mention, I’ve only spent $256.54 on this vacation so far. Next stop: LODGING!

Getting eight people to book a flight is easy . Getting eight people to agree on a place to stay, not so much. We gave hotels a try, but most rooms only held up to 4 people. Airbnb ended up being a better option as a group. We finally found a gorgeous place after going back and forth on location, price,and host ratings.

We stayed at a gorgeous home in the San Isidro, about 25 minutes from San Jose. This location was perfect, the air was crisp, we had an entire house to ourselves, and a personal driver (additional cost for driver). It was PERFECT.

Our host, Jorge was the BEST Airbnb host I’ve ever had. His response time was immediate, his house was welcoming, warm,  and spacious. Jorge gave us tons of recommendations on places to eat, sites to visit, and venues to party. The best part was our private chauffeur, Joe. He owned a van that drove us wherever we wanted to go. It fit all 8 of us with no problem. We would stop by the supermarket, grab alcohol, and pregame on the way to our next adventure. Joe was the perfect driver because he didn’t drink and he didn’t judge. Plus he’s a local, so he knows the roads like the back of his hand. I would give Jorge’s house 10 stars if I could.

Here’s the icing on the cake… We only spent $165 each for seven nights in Costa Rica. That’s the price of two nights in most places!

$1323.94/8 people = $165.49

Let’s recap: Flight cost+Airbnb (256.54+165.49)= 422.03

I know what you’re thinking: How the hell did you only spend $252 for flight and lodging? Great question, young grasshopper. Allow your money-saving sensei to show you the way…

Back when I used credit cards, Capital One had “A cash bonus of $150 available to cardholders who make at least $500 on purchases within three months from account opening.” This card also offers 1.5% cashback on all purchases on top of the $150. Airbnb doesn’t allow separate payments, so we had to put everything on one card. I purchased the Airbnb on my card, and everyone paid me back through Cash App, Venmo, Paypal, etc. Once the payment cleared, I logged into my Capital One App, and cashed out on my rewards.

Below is the final product of financial finessing:

$256.54 Flight

$165.48 Airbnb

-$170.38 Cash Back

Grand Total: $251.64 

Does ya girl know how to save money? Or does ya girl know how to save money? Not to mention, we had a BLAST in Costa Rica! The food, the drinks, the beaches, and the people were one of a kind. I will definitely be visiting Costa Rica again, who knows, I might even move there 🙂

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